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About us

Hi! We are Vincent and Koen, aka the Wijnvaders. Two thirtysomethings with a great passion: wine! And we are happy to share that passion with you! We do that on Instagram, via @dewijnvaders. You can also find more information on our website. Our posts, extensive blogs, you name it!

Together we have 1 goal: let you enjoy affordable wine! Because what we have learned by now: good wine does not have to cost € 50 immediately. That is why our focus is on readily available wine up to €15. Because as a (Wine) father you have to watch the little ones, don't you?

On our Insta and website you will find many reviews about affordable wine. We give them a score of 1 to 5 bottles, nice and clear. 5 bottles for the wines you really must have tasted, 1 bottle for the rubbish that may only see the drain ;)

We are also happy to give you winepairing tips, strange stories, good recipes that you can easily put on the table, and nice nerd facts. Everything to make you shine at a dinner for family or friends, and you can stand at the table as a real viticulturist. Cheers in advance!



Baker - de Bruin

30 years - Married to Margot - Father of Emma

Hoofddorp - Sustainability geek

Vine owner in Groesbeek - Ford Mustang - Infographic nerd

Coldplay - Imagine Dragons

Wijnvader Vincent
Wijnvader Koen


van der Werf - Versteeg

34 years - Married to Cindy - Father of Hidde

Nieuw-Vennep - ICT guru

BBQ Fanatic - Land Rover Series III - Wine Nerd

Elbow - Coldplay

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